Greetings to all you shining nerdy faces out there!  Many of you were wondering if I had died – and the answer, as you can see, is a heartfelt no!  I've been alive and well; planning and writing for a half dozen future projects; writing songs and watching shows; chatting online and slacking off at work; shooting first and asking questions later; being a rogue cop who doesn't play by the rules; they took his family, now he's back for revenge; etc. etc.  And this has been incredibly helpful as a transitionary period for me between jobs and between comic projects.  Which, if you've been catching my drift so far, means I have a big announcement to make to you all.

I'm sorry to inform you all that I will be ending 3-Chord Dorks in the next coming months.  I plan on making a few more comics at a leisurely pace, and then finishing off with the upcoming comic #550 – a nice, even number.

As I'm sure you've all noticed over the last year, my productivity on 3CD was slowly waning, until it effectively reached a standstill.  And every time that happened, I promised myself (and all of you) that I'd pick up the pace in the future.  But every time I said it, I believed it less and less.  Because the honest truth is: I've never actually . . . enjoyed . . . drawing.  From the time I began 3CD, three years ago, I've never once actually enjoyed the process of drawing my comics.  I've enjoyed everything else about them – writing them, listening to the music, reading emails, writing blogposts, the immense pride and satisfaction that I felt upon completing each page – but the actual drawing part was always a nuisance.  A tedious, boring thing that I needed to force myself through, in order to get to the fun parts afterwards.  And even as I got better and better, it never got any faster, or any easier, or any more enjoyable, and eventually it just started wearing me down.  It started taking me weeks to finish comics, then months, because I couldn't bring myself to actually sit down and draw without immediately wanting to quit.  I had pretty much had it.

Around the time I uploaded the last comic, which was about two and a half months ago, I started thinking about other stories.  Other comic series, or graphic novels, that I'd love to write; other ideas that I had way more interest in, and wanted to take further.  And so, I started writing them.  I chose to neglect 3CD and focus on all those other ideas, writing down plot points and drafting up new character designs, and in the midst of this I had a realization: I was having an immense amount of fun.  This was the kind of work I loved and that I jumped at.  Writing.  The same was always true for 3CD; my favorite thing about making the comics wasn't the drawing, it was the writing, the planning, the organizing, the blogging.  And that made me realize that I would much rather write stories, and work with artists, than to draw anything else myself.  And I'm going to give that a shot, hire some artists, and try to make these new stories come to life.

Unfortunately, I knew that meant the end of 3CD, but I couldn't help but feel happy about it.  I love comics, and I always loved the idea of making them for a living.  I  had put so much faith into that desire, and wanted my first attempt at making comics to be a success, but now I realize that that was a pretty naive sentiment.  Your first attempt at anything is gonna be pretty rocky, and you should never count on it being your money-maker.  That neing said, 3CD was an amazing first attempt.  It taught me so much more than I anticipated, gave me so much joy throughout its run, and made me into a better writer, artist, and person.  And for that, I'm proud of it, and I'm proud of myself, and most importantly, I'm proud and thankful for all of you.  All of you people who read this silly music comic, whether in passing or religiously; all of you people who sent in band recommendations, and taught me what music could really be; all of you people who wrote to me – whether I ever wrote back to you or not – and told me your stories, and showed me support; to all of you people, I say from the bottom of my heart: thank you, and I love you, and you made this comic what it is today.

I don't know how soon my future projects will get see the light of day (if they do at all), but if that ever happens, I'll give you guys a little heads-up here.  You guys can also stick around with me on Twitter, where I talk way too much about nerd stuff unrelated to music.

But I can't end this blogpost on such a downer note, so to help brighten everyone's moods, I'll share a little music by today's featured artist: BABYMETAL.  As described, BABYMETAL is a combination of cheerful J-pop and evil metal, and it is every bit as wacky, hilarious, and awesome as that sounds.  Take a trio of teenage girls, wearing frilly dresses and doing synchonized pop dances, and put them in front of an evil metal band, and what do you get?  Why you get the joy and craziness that is BABYMETAL.  Here are a few of their hits to help you try out their odd combination for yourself: "Doki Doki Morning" and "Gimme Chocolate!!"  And now I believe I'm done for the day, so I'll see you all with the next comic!

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