405: Janis Joplin

Not that it really means anything significant, but the URL of today's page is #1000!  That means I've made about 1,000 pages on this site so far, which is pretty damn cool.  Too bad it didn't happen a week ago, then it would've been page #1000 AND comic #400 at the same time.  But 405 is cool too.  And this quasi-milestone has a well-deserving comic topic, the great Janis Joplin.  When I first read up on Janis' early life, and it mentioned how she didn't fit in with her classmates, I felt a strong connection, because I knew what that felt like.  But then as I kept reading, I soon realized that, NO, I really can't relate to what Janis Joplin went through at all.  I felt isolated in my school, but people didn't really make fun of me all that much - in fact, people barely noticed me at all.  But Janis was an outspoken hippie who got made fun of for her looks and her personality all the time.  In college, a fraternity even named her "The Ugliest Man On Campus."  This, combined with her crippling drug habits and unlucky love life, provided a lot of suffering for her.  But that's also what made her one of the best singers of an entire era.  The people who were close to her would often say that she took all that sadness and anger and let it out onstage, turning something painful into something beautiful and inspirational.  In other words, she sang the blues, and she sang it better than anyone.

That's it for me for this week!  I'll see you all on Monday night/Tuesday for the rest of the world!

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