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March 9, 2013
Hangman Jury
Permanent Vacation (1987)

Here's an Aerosmith song that's based off of old Southern work songs.  Work songs were sung by Black slaves and workers in order to synchronize their movements to a rhythm, as well as to pass the time and keep their spirits up.  This is also where the traditional "call-and-response" form of blues and gospel comes from, as one worker would sing a line and have the rest of the workers repeat it in unison.

The main song that this is based off of is called "Linin' Track," and Aerosmith assumed it was public domain since it dated back to at least the 19th century.  But, after the song was recorded by early blues legend Lead Belly, he gained ownership of the song, and his estate ended up suing Aerosmith over their recording.  (I have no idea what ended up happening, chances are Aerosmith just paid a bunch of money to the estate and that was it.)


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