406: Lost In Translation

Plus a lot of you are better at English than Americans are anyway, with your exposure to different languages and your multilingualness and your stupid smartbrains and I hate you.

Now that we've gotten rid of all those pesky foreigners, let's enjoy some good ol' American music, shall we?  This is an alternative rock band called That Handsome Devil.  They are mostly known for having their song "Rob The Prez-O-Dent" featured in Rock Band 2, which gives a fairly good depiction of their style.  I like to think of it as "The B-52's playing cowboy and carnival music."  Here are a few more of their songs to check out, including my favorite "Wintergreen," and finally "Charlie's Inferno."  This is one of those weird bands that are strangely infectious, and the more you listen to them, the more it gets stuck in your head and has you smiling whenever it comes on.  I'd like to thank Robby from Australia (DAMN FOREIGNERS!) for introducing this AMERICAN band to me.  (I'll let it slide this time...)  You rule dude!  See you guys tomorrow!

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