408: Oh Hey

Here's a big verison of the fourth panel for you guys.  I'm very glad that my digits were cooperating with my brain today.  The comic still took a while to finish, but at least everything worked properly.  Though yesterday's thing did totally mess up the order for this week's comics.  Now they won't match up nicely with the weekdays, blast it all!

The guitarist I have for you today is widely known as the "Acoustic Ninja."  That's right, you heard me.  The Acoustic Ninja.  American guitarist Trace Bundy earned that nickname with his incredibly fingerstyle playing.  Although his style is less percussive than a lot of other fingerstyle players (who can do the whole "one-man band" thing), he has some of the most exceptional fingertapping skills and one-handed harmonics you'll ever see.  Check out his original song "Dueling Ninjas" here and feel inadequate about your own abilities with instruments.  And then here's a video that proves once and for all that this man is behind the shortage of capos in the world right now.  And finally, a little Canon In D to end things with, check out how he flips his left hand around the neck of the guitar, sometimes playing with it above the neck, sometimes playing with it below.  This fucking amazing recommendation comes from Jed from New York.  I'll bet Emil the Prince of Danishes is so upset that Jed got an awesome acoustic guitarist to me before he did.  Well HA in your face Emil, Jed has swiped your seat of awesome today.  Thanks to him and to all of you for being the super cool peeps that you are!  See you tomorrow!

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