409: Burst Yer Bubble

Let's dive right into music today, shall we?  This is an amazing progressive metal band from England (originally from Dublin, Ireland) called Shattered Skies.  I've never heard anyone else like this band, their blend of different metal genres is really quite unique.  They call themselves "melodic groove metal", but I would call them "melodic prog metal with some groove metal guitar sounds in there."  The songs are very ethereal sounding, very melodic, and vary constantly between soft and heavy parts.  Check out a few of my favorite songs of theirs, starting off with "Beneath The Waves," and then moving on to "Attrition."  And finally, incredible in-studio video for their single "Saviours."  You can get their album for whatever price you want over at their bandcamp page, and the single for the regular price of 1 Euro (wait, there's no way to type the Euro symbol on my keyboard?!  BASTARDS.)  The album is all really good prog metal, so anyone who's a fan of technical metal OR melodic rock will enjoy it a whole lot.  A special thanks goes out to Tokes from Great Britain for introducing me to the band.  Thanks to him, I got to have my tiny little brain blown into tinier brainy bits.  You owe me some brain bits, Tokes.

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