413: Critique

We have a complicated relationship. . .  I don't even care if you guys found this one funny or not, I did it totally for me.  After Parecki emailed me, I decided to make him my very own little fixer-upper project.  I wanted to get him sounding great as quickly as possible, not only because I thought he could do it, but also because I REALLY wanted another good youtube guitarist to follow.  So what did I do?  Why I tore him to little pieces, of course!  Every time he uploaded a video, I critiqued the hell out of it;  "Do better here.  Fix this.  Try that.  This part was ok."  I spared no punches.  Becuase if there's one thing I know from personal experience, it's that improvements don't come from people telling you you're awesome.

And luckily for me, it started working immediately.  (Imagine if it didn't, I'd sure feel like an asshole then.)  Parecki got himself some shiny new recording equipment, started playing around with new tones on every song, and the quality of the songs showed instant improvement.  You can check out yesterday's song and this one back to back to really hear the difference.

But this was only the beginning for young Parecki, oh yes.  Check back tomorrow for the next stage in his evolutionary journey from internet mediocrity to. . . slightly better internet mediocrity!

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