414: Rewards

It'll pick up speed in no time, I swear.  I'm always telling Parecki to "choose really popular songs" for his videos, so that he can increase his viewcount.  All his friends and fans go "It's so cool how you play the songs you love, no matter how popular they are. Don't ever sell out brother!"   And meanwhile, I'm going "Fuck that shit.  Sell out as hard as you can.  You gotta get more views."

After he got better recording equipment, the next step was to work on his instrument tones.  And I mean ALL of his instrument tones.  Drums, bass, rhythm and lead guitars all needed adjustments to volume, tone, and effects, and each video Parecki did would see a different combination being used.  Slowly and gradually finding what sounded good, and what worked best together.  Before long, he had his rhythm section nailed.  His drums, bass, and rhythm guitar were finally sounding like something he should be proud of.  The only thing left to work on was the lead guitar, which as anyone who's ever recorded guitar tracks can tell you, is probably the hardest thing to get right.  His lead tone still didn't match his other instruments, and he was missing string bends all over; it was the last hurdle he needed to cross to satisfy my ever-critical ears.  So did Parecki have what it takes?  Did he find a way to appease the monstrous appetite of my judgment-hole?  Tune in tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion of "Parecki Goes To The Internet!"

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