415: Victory

Because it's not like Parecki actually did any of the work himself, am I right?  I mean seriously, all he had to do was learn everything, play everything, record everything, edit everything, and physically make all the changes that I was telling him to make, and meanwhile I'm stuck doing all the hard work like typing youtube messages and thinking and stuff.  Needless to say, I've felt very proud watching Parecki improve over these last 10 months.  So proud, in fact, that I sometimes forgot how HE was the one doing all the actual work.  But my turmoil was not in vain, ladies and gentlemen, no.  Because as of this week, I am happy to call The Parecki Experiment a total success.  His most recent video was the one that pushed him over the edge, when he finally managed to achieve a killer lead guitar tone that matched his other instruments.  For the first time since he started, I had nothing to criticize.  And for the first time since he started, he had made papa Kevin proud.  He had reached the promised land (of slightly better internet mediocrity), where he could finally call himself a peer amongst his fellow cover artists.  It was on this day that I declared him a success.

So what's next for our intrepid warrior, Jonathan Parecki?  Well, just because he doesn't suck anymore doesn't mean he should stop trying to improve himself further.  There are plenty of areas where Parecki could use even more improvement, and you can bet I'll be reminding him of that every chance I get.  (He thought he had escaped me, the silly twit.)  He's going to keep climbing and keep raising the bar, and before long, he might even hear me call him "pretty damn good."

But he'll have to work for that one.

Thanks for joining us, everybody.  We hope you enjoyed the show. <3

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