417: Rock Band

Sorry for the late upload everyone, I have a perfectly valid excuse, which you'll hear about on Friday.  And by "excuse,"  I mean "reason."   And by "reason,"  I mean "excuse."

So recently the founders of the Guitar Hero franchise and the creators/owners of the Rock Band franchise, Harmonix, announced that they'd officially be ending their weekly DLC schedule for new songs.  They've been releasing new songs every week for the past 5 years, but now they are finally saying goodbye to the franchise so that their team can begin working on future projects.  And what's the final song that they'll be releasing on April 2nd?  Why it's none other than the very appropriately chosen "American Pie," by Don McLean.  The lyrics to the song mirror the emotions of the Harmonix team and their fans, as well as the end of the instrument-era of video games.  I'll admit that when I read the news I had the sudden urge to dust off the old Rock Band controllers and plug away at some songs.  The games were a big part of my life after they first came out, and even though I've been done and bored with them for the last couple years, I still feel like I'm going to miss it now.  Of course, nothing about the games is actually changing, but the entire act of retiring the franchise feels surprisingly heavy, almost cathartic somehow.  Like you just found out that an old friend you hadn't seen in years is leaving forever.  Even though you didn't hang out with them anymore, you still find yourself reminiscing about all the good times you had together.  So here's to Harmonix and all their music-related games over the years.  You guys rocked.

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