418: Parallel Timelines

Sonic the Hedgehog was originally going to be one of the characters that "Stood the test of time," but then I remembered what Sonic  the Hedgehog was.

Also, is it coincidence that I'm a fan of the retro stuff on BOTH sides?  Old bands and new bands that sound like them?  YES PLEASE, GIMME.  Old games and new games that are designed to feel like them?  SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.  And it's not even always about nostalgia.  Given the choice to play either an old classic for the first time, or the newest, prettiest modern game, I would choose to play the old classic almost every time.

I know the last week or two of comics have all been about video games somehow, don't worry, we'll be back to rock on Monday.  In fact, next week is going to be a special tribute to an artist that I have yet to talk about on the site, someone who we all know and love and who deserves it more than anyone else.  As for tonight, I'll be going to a kickass metal concert in the evening and then making a little announcement on the site about some changes and stuff.  See you all then!

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