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March 28, 2013
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie (1990)

Speaking of one-hit-wonders controlled by a shallow industry, here's Warrant and their most famous song, "Cherry Pie."  The early 90's was still a prominent period for hair metal and sleazy industry standards relating to rock bands.  This song wouldn't even have existed if not for that.

The band's second album was already complete, and was originally supposed to be titled Quality You Can Taste.  But the record company complained that the band needed a hit rock anthem for the album, and so to please them, singer Jani Lane wrote the easiest, simplest song he could think of in just 15 minutes.  This song was "Cherry Pie," and it became their biggest song ever.  Jani Lane has stated both happiness and displeasure at the song's success, saying it was great how successful the song became, but that it stinks that they're only remembered for that one song and nothing else now.


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