420: The Great List Of Thanks

That's not even all the names I have for today, believe it or not.  There are a few more people who have recently gotten emails from me, but whom I haven't given shoutouts to yet.  Some of these people were the victims of my email server problems, while others I wrote to for the first time.  These amazing people are: Carlos, who recommended Ayreon, even though I've mentioned them, because they deserve to be mentioned again dammit!  Håkon from Norway, for having the most Scandinavian name ever (his last name also has an "ø" in it)!  NoneeLlama from Hungary, who knows how to find a good Satanic rock band.  Pot Head Pixie from Slovenia, for trying to help a new band get some exposure.  Aaron from 4Chan, who didn't think I'd particularly enjoy his recommendation, but who figured it was still worth a shot, am I right?  Also Magnecott from 4Chan, for the unwavering politeness in their writing, even though they accidentally said some pretty insulting things in there.  And finally my buddy Neil from New York (or Connecticut or someplace, whatever it doesn't matter), who I used to play Street Fighter with all the time and who now reads my comics.  And by "play," I mean "beat mercilessly every time because I'm totally boss like that, so there."  All of you guys rock so fucking hard, keep being that way.

See everyone on Monday (night)!

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