421: Cool Dude

Tadaaa!  You guys must've looked soooo silly while reading this!  Ohoho, ohohohohoho!  Today was actually supposed to be the beginning of a little story tribute, but then I realized that it was April Fools' Day, and I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that!  So I'll just start the story tomorrow!  Who looks like the fool now, April?!

So, yesterday an album that I had ordered arrived from Best Buy.  It's the new cover album by Adrenaline Mob called Coverta.  The album is a collection of 9 hard rock classics, ranging from artists like Dio, Rainbow when they were fronted by Dio, and Black Sabbath when they were fronted by Dio.  There are some others, but clearly they have chosen their favorite style already.  Well, the album is pretty fucking awesome, a great hard rock album whether you know the songs or are listening to them fo the first time.  And since Adrenaline Mob's style is much harder than most of the artists they're covering, it makes it a fresh new take on the songs you know and love.  The one complaint that I have about the album is that they tried to match the production techniques that were used on the original songs.  So on their Doors cover, they panned all the instruments to one side, giving the song a more "mono" sound. (even though that's not really how the Doors sounded.)  And on their Zeppelin cover, they added huge amounts of echo to everything, to simulate the effects on Robert Plant's voice in that song.  It worked better for this one than the Doors one, but I still would have preferred them to play it straight and not try to emulate all the effects.  They have a great style on their own, and hearing songs in a new style is the whole point of a cover album (usually).  But besides panning problems, the album is an expertly played, new and harder sound on already amazing songs.  So, everyone who's looking for a great new cover album of classics should go and check out Coverta.  You will not be disappointed by it.  (Even though those bastards at Amazon lowered the price of the mp3 album a week after I ordered mine.  April Fools' indeed, motherfuckers.  April Fools' indeed.)

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