422: Copernicus

Some of you may know where this is going already.  Yes, for the next week we will be celebrating the work of the amazing, the influential, the one and only Alice Cooper.  The father of shock rock and one of the funniest, friendliest people in the music business.  And as a tribute to this legend, I'll be drawing one of my favorite stories in rock history, as well as featuring a new Alice Cooper song on the MUSIC page each day.  Don't like Alice Cooper?  You will by the end of the week. :)

And almost as if Alice knew this week would be his tribute, by a stroke of serendity, he is doing something very awesome right now.  Alice is currently holding a kickstarter campaign to fund a 12-issue comic book series, featuring tales of horror and suspense akin to classic TV shows like the Twilight Zone.  Created by award-winning TV producer Tom Sheppard, each issue will feature Alice Cooper in a mysterious or deadly role, amidst killers and creatures straight out of your worst nightmares.  Rewards for donating include the comic books and graphic novel, concert tickets, t-shirts, signed prints, and best of all, the chance to have your story idea turned into one of the comics.  Check out the kickstarter page here, and get ready, for UNCLE ALICE PRESENTS.

See you guys tomorrow for the next part of our story!

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