423: Copernicus The Chicken, Part II

Thanks for waiting everyone!  This one took a really long time, it always seems to be the concert comics that give me the most trouble. (imagine that.)  I'm a little disappointed with the way it came out though, I wanted it to look like a nighttime scene, but the colors don't depict that very well.  I'll have to play around with them a little tomorrow.  Speaking of which, tomorrow's comic is another double one, so it'll probably take me a while again.  I think it'll be easier than this one was, so hopefully I can get it all done in one day, but here's a heads-up that it might take longer than anticipated.

One of Alice Cooper's many early stage tricks was to open up a feather pillow over the crowd, sending the feathers everywhere.  He was also known to throw and/or kick things into the audience, which the audience would then tear up and fight over.  At this particular show, someone threw a live chicken onto the stage while all the feahers were flying everywhere.  Nobody knows where the chicken came from, but in my version of the story, that chicken was none other than the intrepid Copernicus.  Join us again tomorrow to see the next part of this story!

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