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April 8, 2013
Between High School & Old School
Alice Cooper
The Eyes Of Alice Cooper (2003)

After another brief hiatus during the mid-90's, Alice returned again with yet another new style.  His new albums featured a blend of his classic hard rock/heavy metal writing with some modern pop-rock added to the mix.  You can hear that in this song, which sounds a lot like a Green Day-style pop punk song.  The message of the song, of course, deals with something Alice knows very well: being seen as an old geezer in the world of rock n roll, even though he still feels like a juvenile high school punk on the inside.

This album came with four different covers to choose from, each having a different color for Cooper's eyes.  At this point in Alice's career, his albums were no longer becoming big hits.  He was still getting decent reviews (not great, but still good), and still selling moderately well (not great, but still good), but the height of his musical career had pretty much passed by now.  And I'm guessing he was alright with that, considering he was still a cultural icon and a hero to his own fans, even if he wasn't selling millions of records anymore.


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