425: Copernicus The Chicken, Part IV

For some reason this is the funniest thing in the world to me.  A chicken gets thrown off the concert stage by Alice Cooper, and the crowd begins to tear it apart in a crazed frenzy.  But the first ten rows at the Toronto Music Festival were all for people in wheelchairs - they're the ones that ripped poor Copernicus to shreds.  Oh Copernicus, why did it have to be this way.

You guys ready for a cool update?  Well, you asked for it, and I listened.  The ABOUT page has just been updated with brand new character pictures and descriptions!  No more black and white doodles for us, it's time to embrace the color!  You'll also see a character on there that wasn't there before, with a description that can only be described as "perfectly accurate."  If you guys want a high-res version of these drawings, here they are on the original page.  Hooray for current characters!

Also, why aren't you guys backing Alice Cooper's comic book kickstarter?  It's totally rad and you should totally support him!  Plus, let's be honest, the kickstarter probably isn't gonna be successful, so you have no risk in adding your pledge for one of those sweet high-priced rewards.  Do it.  Do it for Copernicus.

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