426: Copernicus The Chicken, Epilogue

Frank Zappa gives good advice.  Also I like to imagine that Frank Zappa called him Alice back then, even though at that point he was probably still known as Vincent to all his friends.  This strip marks the end of Copernicus' journey from an ordinary farm animal to a legendary rock n roll martyr.  It's one of my favorite classic rock stories, and the way Alice tells it always manages to make me laugh.  So here's to Copernicus the Chicken, may his feathers fly forever like a leaf on the wind, and if you understand that reference then it should definitely make you feel very sad inside right now.

Also fuck yeah, got the comic up on time!  Or at least close to it.  In your face, people who doubted me!  And by "people who doubted me," I mean myself and everyone who knows me.  Those guys are so dumb.  See you all on Monday night, when we'll finally be back to more music and band recommendations!  Can't wait, yay!

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