427: "Rockist"

Here's a link to Kelefa Sanneh's original article, "The Rap Against Rockism."

The reason why I use the word "accidentally" in the fifth panel is because it probably actually was.  Kelefa Sanneh has a very long and impressive pedigree as a journalist, and you can tell from his writing that he's an intelligent person, so it's probably a safe assumption that the man knows how to write mature, in-depth critiques.  However, this particular article was anything but mature or in-depth, which leads me to believe that Sanneh wrote it in a heat of passion after seeing the response to Ashley Simpson, and was probably writing more from emotion than he was from calm inspection.  For example, the only source that he tried to cite in the article, the internet forum called I Love Music, he gave the wrong URL for.  Plus, he didn't actually say that any of his information was obtained from there, all he said was that the place exists and that there were people using the word "rockist" there, so you can't even count it as a real source.  These kinds of mistakes/omissions have me guessing that he wrote the article in a rush, without bothering to fact check his work.  In other words, it was pretty bad journalism.  By a (most likely) good journalist.

But enough about Kelefa Sanneh, let's talk about things that all of us rock lovers can enjoy!  You guys are getting a little surprise today, because the talented Alice from Sweden has graced us with not one, but TWO amazing fan art drawings!  First is an original piece she calls "Girls Got Rhythm."  I absolutely love the way she drew the girl's hair in this, and her smile is so coy, it's adorable.  Next up is one of yours truly, where I'm doing an intense power stance for no apparent reason!  Look at how poofy my hair is in this, I'm pretty sure I'm actually bald and I'm wearing a very expensive fur hat here.  (just like in real life, HOW DID SHE KNOW.)  These are absolutely fantastic, thank you Lady Alice!  Your continued gifts of glory are forever appreciated!  And now I think it's time for a good old-fashioned band recommendation, it seems like forever since we had one of those.  This here is an Italian symphonic metal band called Ancient Bards.  An awesome description on their website says they balance the fine line between art and kitsch, and I couldn't think of a more approriate categorization for them. (Though, really, that description would work for most power metal bands.)  Their songs are highly technical, use beautiful female vocals, and have an endless barrage of double-bass rhythm, all combined to create totally run-of-the-mill, but still TOTALLY AWESOME, symphonic metal.  Here are two of their most popular songs, "To The Master Of Darkness," and the way-too-happy-sounding-for-its-title, "The Birth Of Evil."  I'd like to thank Mike from England for giving us another awesome symphonic metal band, you rock dude!  See you guys later!

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