428: Green Day Sketch

I drew this sketch before going to my first Green Day concert, about my expectations for that night.  Green Day is known for playing incredibly long sets, lasting well over two hours, and sometimes over three.  And after seeing them for myself, this sketch turned out to be pretty accurate.  And now I'm sharing it with all of you.  I also have some good comic ideas about the concert, but I wanted to save those for another time.

Today I'm gonna tell you guys about a famous Australian rock band called Cold Chisel.  Like many classic Australian bands, they were a huge success in Oz and New Zealand but never became well known to the outside world.  But when I say they were a huge success at home, I mean they were a HUGE success at home.  Their albums have been topping the Australian charts since the late '70s, even years after their initial breakup in 1984.  The band now reunites periodically to tour together and release new material, and are still just as successful as they were in their heyday.  Here are a few of their most popular classics, like the bar and pub favorite "Khe Sanh," which has become somewhat of a classic rock anthem in Australia.  Then their hit single from 1980, "Cheap Wine," and finally a single from their most recent album, and its not-exactly-safe-for-work music video, titled "Everybody."  Although many of the band's earliest hits are very tame-sounding and pop-oriented, Cold Chisel were actually known for their wild and always-drunken stage performances.  Many Aussies refer to them as a bogan band, which is a slang term meaning unsophisticated, similar to "redneck" or "hick" or whatever your personal favorite word for unsophistication may be.  But this bogan band remains an iconic one for Australia, one that helped shape the country's rock during the '70s and '80s, and one that everyone should know.  I'd like to thank Alex from Australia for being the first to recommend this band to me and tell me a little bit about their history.  You've done your duty as an Australian, Alex; you're work there is now complete.  Next you can move on to another country and help spread THEIR music, too.

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