430: Appreciate

About a week ago I went on 4chan to chat with the folks on there, and to hear what kind of thoughts or complaints they might have about the comic.  After hearing the opinions of some of the /mu/tants, especially one guy in particular who continued the discussion via email afterwards, something about the comic became very clear.  A lot of people post my comics on /mu/, but only a few people visit the site to read all of my newsposts below them, and so most people's opinions of me are only based on what they see in the comics.  And although my musical tastes have gone through huge developments in the last year and a half, I usually only talk about that in the newsposts.  I've never shown my character in the comic to undergo that same development.  To the people who only see the comics, I'm just a closed-minded, ignorant dadrocker.  And so that's why I'm giving comic-Kevin his own little development arc, to catch him up to where I am in real life.  And I'm sure the folks on /mu/ will get a kick out of them too, in one way or another.

So a few days ago, I got an email notification from Bandcamp that the Metal For Cancer guys had released a new album.  I've talked about them before, but if you don't remember, they are a group that releases metal albums on Bandcamp (by various artists), and all of the profits they make go directly to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.  It's a great cause to support, and you get some kickass metal in the process, so win-win.  But the email notification confuses me, because the new album was apparently released last year, and I only got a message about it NOW.  I have no idea whether it was a mistake, or whether the date on Bandcamp is wrong, or what.  All I know is that you guys should totally support the Metal For Cancer project, which has a bunch of different songs and albums to choose from in tons of different styles.  Go be awesome to them.

This will be the last comic for the week.  I have to go on a trip to Monterey, California and won't be back until tomorrow night.  I'll see you guys next week with more Kevin-evolution! ("Kevolution," hee hee.)

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