433: Entertainment

People can enjoy noise music for a lot of different reasons.  It can bring out scary and intense thoughts, or instill powerful, uneasy feelings for some people.  Others can find it very relaxing as ambience, or a pleasing distraction for their mind.  And of course, some actually find the noises themselves entertaining.  Myself, I usually let it make me feel uncomfortable.  Discomfort can lead your mind to wander sometimes, and scramble at other times, so it's good to me as a thought-provoking genre.  But naturally, I don't really enjoy feeling uncomfortable, nor do I find my thoughts while listening to it to be particularly novel, and so I rarely listen to noise music on my own.  The reason it was so hard for me to understand at first was because I kept trying to learn how to enjoy it the same way I enjoy other genres, and that doesn't really work with extreme genres like this.  But when I finally realized, "Oh wait, maybe I should stop trying to enjoy it so much, and instead just let it affect me," then I was able to feel the power behind it.  I guess Merzbow finally managed to get through to Kevin.

Today's band is a heavy metal band from Brazil called Livin Garden.  These guys have a very modern style blending groove and alternative metal, which you can hear in their songs "Where I Can Breathe," and "Age Of Lies."  The singer's vocals are... not that great,  but if you're able to enjoy it anyway, you'll find plenty of tasty guitar riffs on their debut album.  You can be sure the instrumentation never fails to kick ass in their songs.  I'd like to thank Luiz from Brazil (from the band's hometown, actually!) for recommending these guys to me, they absolutely deserve some extra exposure to the rest of the world!  See you guys tomorrow, as I make up for the late comics this week!

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