435: Expanding Tastes

It's a popular myth amongst alternative music fans that the more easy or accessible a genre is, the more inherently worse it is. This is where a lot of stereotypical "music snob" attitudes come from, because if something is mainstream or popular or well-known, clearly it must be "dumber."  I've had a few people recommend me music in the name of "expanding my tastes," telling me that once I "mature," I'll learn to leave classic rock behind for more "inteligent" music.  Obviously this kind of attitude can be very insulting, because it's a very hypocritical one.  Rejecting an entire genre simply because it's more accessible or mainstream isn't being mature, that's just as closed-minded as rejecting a genre for being inaccessible.  It's basically the exact opposite of having "open, expanded tastes."  It's always ok to stop liking one genre and move on to new ones, but you should never have an attitude that one genre is somehow "beneath you."  That's not the kind of thing Merzbow-sensei would approve of!

For those of you who are interested, here's Black Sabbath's new song, "God Is Dead?" from their upcoming album 13.  I'm starting the next comic right away, I'm gonna try to get it up later tonight.  I'll see you guys then!

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