436: Schedule Change

I like to think Cassie carries that picture around with her at all times.  Yes folks, after almost two years of busting out 5 comics a week (usually), it's finally time for me to officially switch to a permanent Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.  This is something that I've wanted to avoid since the very beginning, because five comics a week is just so AWESOME... IF you're able to pull it off.  I and was barely able to pull it off most of the time.  Because let's face it: I'm no Danielle Corsetto or Jeph Jacques or David Willis; I can't draw my comics in only two hours like those guys (who have all been doing this for more than ten years) can.  I had a good run for a while, but I've finally reached my limit, and I want to have a more relaxed schedule from now on.

BUT! Even though this means fewer comics each week, there are also a bunch of upsides to having less work to do!  For starters, it means I can finally create a Facebook page and a Twitter account, like every single one of you has been asking for for the last two years.  That was also something I've been avoiding since the beginning, but now that I'll have more free time, I can finally devote some of it to social media.  I'll be sure to let you guys know when I get those up and running.  Another big benefit of this reduced schedule is that it will mean fewer late comics.  Now I won't need to scramble every day to get stuff up, and I might even be able to work ahead and get a legitimate buffer going.  It also means I'll be less stressed and have more free time, and hopefully even get a second job to help pay for advertising.  And finally, as a personal benefit, I will finally have to the time to actually practice drawing for once.  You guys might not have realized this, but I've never had time to just practice drawing on my own, or just draw for fun; my only drawing practice since the start of the comic, has BEEN THE COMIC.  But with the new schedule, I'll finally be able to practice on my own time, try out new techniques, and just generally improve my skill as an actual artist.  Not only will my artwork get better, but I'll also get to show you guys lots of random sketches I do, in addition to comics.

So, hopefully you guys are all ok with this change, I know it means less content, but there are just too many reasons for me to do it, and not enough reasons for me not to.  I'll still be uploading a new song to the MUSIC page every day of the week, so there will always be something new on the site each day.  And it's possible that we might revert back to a 5-day schedule on occasion, if there's some weeks that are really story-heavy.  I love you guys, and I'll see you all this Wednesday with the next comic!

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