437: Chrono Jigga

I've been wanting to talk about Chrono Jigga for weeks now, but never got the chance to during all the story arcs and stuff I was doing.  Chrono Jigga is a mashup album made by 2 Mello that combines some of Jay-Z's biggest hits with songs from Chrono Trigger, and frankly, it's the coolest shit in the world.  It's a great introduction to Jay-Z's music if you've never listened to him, and the songs chosen for the mashups blend so well together that it's eerie sometimes.  Although most of the fan reaction has been positive, there's still been some people who think the mashups ruin the original songs, usually because they're fans of either Jay-Z or Chrono Trigger, but not fans of both.  But, if this mashup concept sounds interesting to you, you should check out some of the songs right now.  Here's the best one in my opinion, "An Encore In Time," as well as a personal favorite of mine, "Say Hello To The Black Omen."  You can download the album for free right here, because 2 Mello is a bro like that.

So far I'm already loving the reduced schedule.  OMG I HAVE SO MUCH TIME TO DO THINGS NOW ~ ~ ~.  I'll see you guys on Friday!

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