438: Teamkill

I realized while I was drawing the fourth panel that I somehow had to show Jolie talking while she was also facing the other direction.  My solution?  Give her a side-mouth.  3-Chord Dorks: ripping off cheap anime since 2011.

So are you guys ready for a kickass new punk band?  Sweet, because this band from Finland kicks so much ass, I was gonna do it whether you were ready or not.  The band is called Heartbreak Stereo, and they have somehow managed to straddle the perfect line between happy, energetic pop-punk, and the badass attitude of real punk rock.  Never since The Germs has a band been able to make a song under two minutes long sound so complete, and Heartbreak Stereo does that with a lot of songs.  These guys are perfect for fans of in-your-face punk, like the song "Nobody Likes You," as well as fans of happier, upbeat pop-rock like "2 Kids."  You can find both of their albums on Amazon and iTunes (get it on Amazon, it's probably a dollar cheaper), and I can say whole-heartedly that they are both well worth the money.  I'd definitely like to give my thanks to Lasse from Finland for finding these guys to share with us.  You do the world, and this amazing band, a great service Lasse.  Rock on dude.  See you all on Monday!

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