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May 3, 2013
Lexicon Devil
The Germs
(GI) (1979)

Speaking of The Germs, here's one of their most well-known songs.  If you don't know who The Germs are, they were an early punk rock band that was only active from 1977-1980, before their lead singer Darby Crash committed suicide.  They are often credited as one of the first hardcore punk bands, due to their fast, intense sound, and violently wild stage shows.  This album was actually the first time many fans got to hear the words to the songs, because Darby Crash was usually too drunk and too wild to sing clearly at any of their shows.

The album was produced by Joan Jett, whom the band were fans of, but Darby Crash actually disliked the way the production came out.  He wanted it to sound super-full and overproduced like the Sex Pistols' Nevermind The Bollocks, but instead it came ou very small, raw, and real-sounding (which ended up being a great thing).  A slower version of this song was released one year earlier on the Lexicon Devil EP.


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