439: On The Spot

Here's the fourth panel blown up for you guys.  I like the art in this strip, although Jolie's head looks smooshed in the first panel.

Today I have a band from the Czech Republic that you guys reeaaally need to check out.  They're called Dirty Blondes, and their particular blend of 70's punk and hard rock would best be described as: imagine if Joan Jett had more of that oh-so-awesome, in-your-face punk attitude.  The comparison is apt, thanks to the kickass power-vocals of their frontlady Beego, and her backup: guitarist Bitch Blonde, bassist Beer Blonde, and drummer Booben.  Check out their first music video for the song "Gold Digger," off their debut album Don't Be A Pussy!!!  And what would this promotion be without incuding the album's title track along with it?  You can buy their album from their bandcamp page, for the steep-but-not-unreasonable price of €10.  I did, and it was pretty fucking awesome.  I'd like to thank Jan from the Czech Republic for finding this band, he's done wonders for the amount of Czech music in my library so far.  Thank you, Jan!  See everyone on Wednesday!

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