440: C-Wars Break

Sorry to interrupt our current story arc.  This drawing is something I've been working on for the past two days, and after I finished it, I had no more time to draw the next 8-panel comic for the story.  So, you guys are getting this thing today, and then we'll continue with the story on Friday.  (Ok, I'll admit, I'm only doing it to make you guys suffer longer.)

This drawing is my submission to the C-Wars Fan Art Contest.  C-Wars is an RTS/Tower Defense game that's currently nearing the end of its successful kickstarter campaign.  They're holding a fan art/design contest right now (for both backers and non-backers), so for my submission, I decided to draw Cassie as a soldier in the C-Wars world.  Not only was it loads of fun, it was also an attempt at greater realism for me.  It's the first time I ever bothered to draw noses or colored eyes (and now everyone will know that Cassie has green eyes, dammit the secret is out).  I actually made two different versions of this drawing; both were identical except one had scars and the other didn't.  I ended up liking the scars better, they make Cassie's joyfulness seem even stronger.  Here's a big wallpaper version of this drawing for those who want it, and I also remembered to take some process shots for you guys, as well.  Here you can see the rough sketch, the outline, and the coloring/shading.  I'll see you guys again on Friday, with the next comic in our story.  (And if I can manage it, another entry for this fan art contest.)  See you guys then!

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