442: Jeff Hanneman

About ten days ago, Jeff Hanneman, the guitarist for the thrash metal band Slayer, died of liver failure.  I normally don't talk about every single musician that dies, because there are so many old legends that are leaving us around this time.  But as a guitarist for one of the Big Four of Thrash Metal, Hanneman's music has influenced countless others, and so I definitely felt he deserved a mention.  RIP Jeff Hanneman, the writer of some of Slayer's most famous songs.

Today's band is a psychadelic jam band from America called Earthless.  What do you think of when I say jam band?  That's right, it means their songs consist of long, improvized instrumental sections that go on FORFUCKINGEVER and it's totally awesome.  Earthless has released two albums so far - one with two 20-minute songs, and another with two 20-minute songs and a 4-minute song.  You heard me right, that's a combined total of FIVE SONGS, with FOUR OF THEM being over 20 minutes long.  If you're the kind of person who loves psychadelic jams, this is a perfect band for you.  Check out their 4-minute song, called "Cherry Red," which sounds nothing like the rest of their songs, and is also the only one that has lyrics.  And if you're feeling slightly more adventurous, here's the first half of one of their jams, called "Sonic Prayer."  I'd like to thank Rick from the Netherlands for first telling me about this band.  I'll see you all on Wednesday for the next comic!

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