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May 14, 2013
Five Iron Frenzy
Cheeses... (Of Nazareth) (2003)

Here's a cool rock song from the Five Iron Frenzy album Cheeses... (Of Nazareth).  The album is a collection of B-sides, outtakes, rarities, and other short joke songs, and was compiled after the band announced their break-up, as a thank-you to longtime fans.  The band published a phone number for fans to call so that they could vote for what recordings to include on the album.  The album's title was originally Cheeses of Nazareth, but the band was worried that the title might be seen as sacrilegious, so they officially shortened it to just "Cheeses..."  But the full title is still well-known and frequently repeated (because it's hilarious).

FiF has returned from the dead and is recording a new album.  It will probably be awesome and you will probably be hearing me talk about it for all of eternity.


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