443: Priorities

Yay for dynamic lighting!  This comic can pretty much work for any time-wasting thing on the internet - YouTube, memes, webcomics - they're all too good to pull yourself away from.  And this is exactly what happened to me yesterday.  I found one awesome music channel on YouTube, but before I could go through all of its songs, I found ANOTHER awesome channel through the related videos on the side.  And then ANOTHER channel from there, and then ANOTHER.  By the end of my discovery quest, I'd downloaded or listened to music from 20-plus channels, and subscribed to twelve more that I was forced to put off until later.  After I finally pulled myself away from the computer that night, I realized I hadn't gotten any of my errands done for the entire day.  It was still totally worth it, though.  Here are some of the channels I found, the majority of which were doujin and game remix channels, because this is me we're talking about.

Daniel Lambie
Gameguitar Heaven
Gameguitar Heaven (extra [because this channel is awesome])

www.strassner.com www.flashbackmedia.tv