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Today I'd like to go right into a whole bunch of shoutouts I have to give out.  I've heard from a lot of new people recently (a large number of which were dropping by from 4chan), and I'd like to thank them all for being radical bros.  To start off, I wanna thank Lu-man from Georgia, Kreative from Great Britain, and Diego from Bolivia for their awesome emails and/or musical recommendations.  The rest of these people didn't include where they're from, so let's hope they recognize their first names/aliases.  Otherwise, they'll be missing out on a shoutout.  Thanks to Andrew, Ben, Steve, Joseph, Tom, Detto, Hunter, Jeff, jsg, Liam, Henry, Mike, Kerim, and a random 4chan tripcode of some dude that I'm not going to type out here.  Whether you guys gave me awesome recommendations, or simply wrote a non-trolling sentence, you deserve my gratitude and appreciation, so thank you all.

For today's band rec, I bring you a German folk metal band called In Extremo.  As their genre would suggest, they're known for using traditional folk instruments in all of their songs, but they don't limit themselves to only one particular region of folk music.  While the majority of their songs are in German, they've sung songs and played instruments from at least a dozen different lanuages/regions of Europe.  Check out one of their most popular videos here, for their song "Horizont."  When you disregard their folk side, they sound very similar to Neue Deutsche Härte (German industrial metal) bands, as you can hear in their song "Vollmond."  But when they decide to turn up the folkiness to the max, the result is songs like this one: "Herr Mannelig."  Special thanks to the re-dead Moritz from Germany for recommending this band (along with many others).  You rule dude, I'm so glad your corpse got reanimated so you could share these guys with us.  See you guys on Monday!

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