445: Unresponsive

I drew the Sultan in a Metroid shirt because he started playing Super Metroid for the first time this weekend and that is cause for celebration.  Also, I'm simultaneously pleased and ashamed with the way I drew my arm in panel two.  The hand and forearm look great and I got the foreshortening right for them, but then the upper arm and shoulder look like something out of an M.C. Escher drawing...

Today I have a Spanish progressive rock band for you called Alternative5.  These guys specialize in the calm, melodic style of prog rock, with happy sounding vocals and acoustic guitars galore in their songs.  And their electric guitar work is always flawless, though the same can't be said for their vocals.  The singer's got a great sounding voice, but he often sings noticeably off-key.  It's more of a problem on their first album, but their second album is ten times better in that regard, for both the sound of his voice AND his ability to stay on key.  Check out a few of the songs they have on their youtube page to get an idea of their sound; here's "Signals, Part 1," and "Ship On Gold," both from their second album.  You can find both their albums on Amazon.  They sell them for slightly cheaper on their website, but you'd need to navigate the website in Spanish, make a store account, and deal with some annoying Virus Warning messages on every page, even though the site seemed relatively safe when I went on it.  But now I'd like to thank our old pal Elena from Spain for introducing me to this band, I've certainly enjoyed their music a whole bunch so far.  See you guys on Wednesday!

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