447: Rock Is Dead

Cassie is blowing a kiss to the guy in the KISS t-shirt, not to me.  I needed to specify that in order to deter all the Kevin x Cassie shippers on 4chan.  Of course, the people from 4chan don't read any of these blogposts, so I guess doing that was still pointless in the end.  I was also faced with a huge internal dilemma while I was drawing the fourth panel.  I originally drew Cassie in a super sexy pose and the way it came out looked awesome, but I knew it wasn't as funny and didn't work as well for the comic, so I was forced to replace it.  Oh what only could have been...

Hey do you guys like power metal?  How about Japanese power metal?  Well in that case, this here is a band called Galneryus.  Not only are they exceptionally skilled at the genre, but they also emulate the styles of European Neo-classical metal to outstanding results.  They have songs in both English and Japanese, and every single one has the fastest, most hectic guitar work you'll hear this side of Osaka.  Check out some of their music videos here, starting with my favorite: "Everlasting," and then following it up with "New Legend."  These two songs feature the band's original singer, Yama-B, who quit in 2008.  He was replaced by a new singer, Sho, whom you can hear in their song, "Destiny."  A huge thanks to spawnof2000 from seriously, you think a guy calling himself spawnof2000 would actually tell you where he's from? for this excellent recommendation.  Thanks dude!  As for the rest of you folks, I'll see you all on Monday with the next comic!

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