448: Rock Is Dead, Part II

Those guys are either totally enthralled by my lecture, or else Cassie's cleavage has mystical, hypnotic powers.  My money's on it being the lecture.  Also you guys, check out this cool drawing I did of Zangief and Abel from Street Fighter.  I drew it for a guy in my SF4 chatroom, and I bet you'll never guess which two characters he likes to play as.  (If you guessed Zangief and Abel, then you're a smartass, and you're also correct.)

Today I have another post-hardcore band from America called Chiodos.  They've been gaining a lot of recognition this past decade for touring with other huge alternative acts such as Linkin Park and Coheed & Cambria, and for frequently appearing in the Vans Warped Tour.  If you remember my previous description of post-hardcore, the genre combines elements from regular hardcore music, like screaming vocals and heavy guitar riffs, with more melodic instruments and vocal parts to make it "post-".  The band's songs are very heavy in feels, which is only accentuated even further by the lead singer's strained, out-of-key vocal parts.  (Well, the current lead singer. They had a different singer between 2010-2012 who had a better singing voice, but he's gone now.)  Here are a few songs with their first and current lead singer, Craig Owens, called "Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek," and a heavier one with more screaming called "The Undertaker's Thirst For Revenge Is Unquenchable" (goddamn!).  And then here's one with their other singer, Brandon Bolmer, who ups the melodicness of the music a lot, while keeping all the feels and intensity that the band is known for.  Here's their song "Caves."  I'd like to thank Eric from New Jersey (once again!) for giving us this excellent recommendation!  You rule, Eric!  See you guys on Wednesday!

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