449: Rock Is Dead, Part III

We're back, folks!  After taking a short hiatus due to... life being a hassle... we are now finally back in the game!  Also, SORRY ABOUT THAT SHORT HIATUS!  My computer and tablet froze and became unresponsive in the middle of working on this comic, and I wasted an entire night trying to get them up and running again.  But, I'm happy to announce that they are both working perfectly once again, and I'm ALSO happy to announce that the job interview I had this weekend was a complete success.  It looks like I'm going to have a very busy week ahead of me.  Not only do I have a new job, but I'm also going to be taking a trip to my mother's on Thursday, so I'll have to work ahead and get Friday and Monday's comics done early before I leave.  Wish me luck.

This comic could pretty much be one of the mission statements for this entire website.  3-Chord Dorks started out as a simple celebration of everything classic rock, but has since acquired a much larger role - attempting to bridge the gap between rock's many fandoms and subgenres, to show that there really is a place for everything and everyone in this little musical world of ours.  I'll be back on Wednesday with the next comic and a new band rec for you all.  See you guys then. <3

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