450: Rock Is Dead, Part IV

Hello once again, nerds!  I apologize for the deadness that's been afflicting the site this week.  Busy schedules after continual computer problems had forced me to postpone finishing comics until after my plane flights.  I had to color and shade this one on my laptop, which was no quick task.  But now the weekend is free, and I'll be working on catching up on late comics all day.  In fact, you guys will be getting another new comic in the next day or two, so stick around for more overdue goodness!

But now, I promised you guys another band recommendation, and I've got just the thing for you!  Here's a heavy metal band from Brazil called Hibria.  Imagine the speed and vocals from NWOBHM speed metal, and guitar solos with the technicality of Dream Theater, and you have their style in a nutshell.  Fans of speed metal bands like Judas Priest, early thrash metal, and European power metal (since their choruses can be very melodic) will feel right at home with these guys.  You can get a taste all of that in the music video for their song "Shoot Me Down," as well as in the much quieter video for "Tiger Punch."  Finally, the very thrash-sounding "Millenium Quest."  I'd like to thank my good Street Fighter buddy Slrc_91 from Mexico for telling me about this band.  I swear I'll beat you one of these days, you asshole!  That's all for today everybody, see you all soon with another comic!

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