Song of the Day

June 10, 2013
The Wreckoning (2010)

Since Tenacious D announced the lineup for their Festival Supreme yesterday, I'm playing a song by their little sister band, Kyle Gass' Trainwreck.  The band, which features three key members of Tenacious D (excluding Jack Black), really is like Tenacious D Lite, in terms of both humor value and songwriting.  They are awesome, but a lot of The D's charm and amazingness comes from Jack Black's singing and humor, so Trainwreck is slightly below them.  But Kyle Gass is one of the biggest unsung heroes of this generation, so he deserves a shit load of credit as well.

Trainwreck has since been replaced by Kyle Gass' new band, The Kyle Gass Project, which features most of the same members.


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