452: Drinking Song

That refrigerator must be pretty short, if Cassie's as tall as it.  And yes this song has a melody to it.  I came up with it while doing. . . let's call it "research". . . for this strip, and it's been stuck in my head all week.  I'm very pleased with the way this comic came out, which is fortunate, considering I severely underestimated how long it would take me to finish.  I started on Monday like, "Meh, I'll be able to bust this out in a couple hours.  Sure, it's an eight panel comic and there's a lot of motion and a lot of fine details and single items to color and hey look it's tomorrow already, well fuck.  Regardless, I'm just thankful to be back at home with my tablet again.  No more coloring and shading using a laptop trackpad, geez.

For all the people who are feeling a stoner rock deficiency in their blood, I have the perfect antidote for you: the Swedish rock band Grand Magus.  "Stoner rock" in this sense is used in the contemporary way, to indicate that they are a just regular old hard rock/heavy metal band that takes some influence from old heavy metal and doom metal bands.  Their own style is deep, heavy, and reminiscent of doom and gothic metal, though many of their recent songs are far too fast to be called either of those.  Check out some of their recent hard rock standards, like "Valhalla Rising," and "Hammer Of The North."  And this showcase wouldn't be complete without one of their slower, doomier songs, so here's "Ulvaskall (Vargr)."  A big shoutout to Mo from Germany for introducing me to these guys, because thanks to his suggestion, I now have all of Grand Magus' albums in my posession, and that has been a very good thing.

Now if you'll excuse me, there are a couple other new albums I gotta go listen to, including Black Sabbath's 13, QOTSA's ... Like Clockwork, Megadeth's Super Collider, Children Of Bodom's Halo Of Blood, and Airbourne's Black Dog Barking.  It's setting up to be a pretty awesome couple of hours.  See you guys Friday!

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