456: Repeating

Last week I managed to finish three comics, but since one of them was a make-up comic, I was technically supposed to finish four.  I wasn't able to do that though, so I'm just forgetting about last Friday's comic and going about this week normally, with three comics as usual.  Hopefully that'll be the last hiccup to the scheduling we see in a long time.

By the mid 90s, Megadeth had been getting gradually farther away from thrash metal and closer to hard rock, and unsurprisingly, their popularity was waning because of it.  But then after a few more awesome but unimportant metal albums, they finally reawakened in 2009, with their album Endgame.  It was a fantastic album, it was very successful, and it was fully-fledged thrash metal once more.  It seemed that Dave Mustaine had finally learned his lesson and gone back to his roots.  But then their next album Th1rt3en was a little slower and more melodic, and now their newest album Super Collider, is even more so.  It's as if Megadeth is following the exact same trend that they went through twenty years ago.  Nevertheless, Super Collider is fucking awesome - I like it even more than Th1rt3en (but not as much as Endgame) - I'm just worried they're going to be repeating history at an accelerated pace now.

In other new-album news: QOTSA's new album, ...Like Clockwork, is my favorite QOTSA album to date.  I wouldn't say it has any individual hits that are as big as their most famous songs, but it does have something that their other albums don't have: more variation.  QOTSA's songs usually consist of one guitar riff that repeats throughout most of the song, in the same chord, until they get to chorus, which will have some variation.  But these songs have variation all over the place now!  There are actually chord changes during the verses, holy fuck!  Also: there are ballads!  What?!  And there are even quiet parts with pianos and no guitars!  WTF?!  Can this really be QOTSA?!?!  But despite this evolution, everything that you know and love from the band is still there.  Josh Homme's signature guitar riffs and vocal parts are as good as ever, and since the songs are a little more complex now, he gets to show off more of what he's capable of.  I really enjoyed it, and I think any fan of QOTSA or alternative rock will too.

Finally, Children Of Bodom's new album Halo Of Blood.

It's a Children Of Bodom album.

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