458: Storm Thorgerson

When Storm Thorgerson died a few months ago, I didn't feel inclined to make a comic about it.  But recently, after looking back at all the amazing album covers he's created, right up until his death, I really felt like he deserved a commemoration.  He designed, or helped to design, some of the most iconic album covers in history, including most of Pink Floyd's and several of Zeppelin's.  He even designed the cover for the upcoming Answer album just a few months before he died.  So here's to you, Storm.  Your work will outlive all of us.

Do you guys want to hear some awesome pop rock?  Well, how about some awesome JAPANESE pop rock?!  The answer to those questions is, of course: "OMG YES Kevin, that's exactly what I want right now!  You are a totally super cool guy and also you are sexy."  Well, you fucking flirt, this here is an awesome J-rock band called ROOKIEZ is PUNK'D.  Their songs gained fame as the beginning and ending theme songs for several popular anime series, including Bleach, Durarara!! (or DRRR!!), and Blue Exorcist, among others.  They are melodic pop-rock through and through, which means their pretty melodies are going to get stuck in your head instantly (luckily the words won't).  The singer also raps occasionally in some of their songs, which is a great addition to the usual pop rock formula.  Check out a few of their most popular songs right here, starting off with the theme to Durarara!!, "Complication," and then the theme to Blue Exorcist, "IN MY WORLD."  And finally, a song that I don't THINK is from any anime, the slightly heavier "CRISIS."  I really love this band, so a huge thank you deserves to go out to Liam from Alaska, because he is a totally super cool guy and also he is sexy.  Also, I'm pretty sure I listed him as "Liam from Arkansas" somewhere before, because I'm dumb with state abbreviations like that.  Sorry 'bout that Liam-sama-senpai-san.  See you guys on Monday!

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