459: Last Resort

Yay for easy filler doodles!  Not having internet for the last two days and needing to work late over the weekend left me with a bit of a dilemma: do I draw a regular comic and get it up a day late, or draw an easy sketch and get it up before the end of the day?  Well since I managed to upload all of last week's comics pretty much on schedule, I wanted to keep that streak going for this week as well, so I chose the easy sketch!  Drawing myself all muscular through my shirt was a combination of:  A) making fun of Cassie's revealing "uniform" by giving myself and equally sexed-up one, and B) to make myself look as Captain Kirk-y as possible, even though I'm not trying to reference Star Trek in this doodle.

Perhaps this little musical treat I have for you guys will make up for the lack of full comic today!  This is an American progressive metal band called Arch/Matheos.  Fans of early prog metal may recognize those two names; they're the last names of John Arch and Jim Matheos, the singer and guitarist for the band Fates Warning.  Fates Warning was one of the earliest prog metal bands, getting their start in 1982, and although they never got as famous as some of their contemporaries like Queensrÿche or Dream Theater, they still helped to define the genre in its fledgling years.  Singer John Arch eventually left the band, but in 2011, he and Jim Matheos teamed up once more to form the side project Arch/Matheos, and they sound better than ever.  This is technical metal, with all the wildly changing tempos, acoustic melodies, and deep guitar riffs you could ever hope for, and John Arch's voice fits the style perfectly (although he does have some sour notes here or there).  He sounds pretty much like a combination of Rob Halford from Judas Priest and James LaBrie from Dream Theater.  Check out one of their several over-ten-minute songs, called "Stained Glass Sky," which awesomely showcases the band's technical and progressive skills in its varying sections.  And here's how I found out about the band in the first place: a video of their drummer, Bobby Jarzombek, doing his studio recordings for their songs.  It's hard to watch a drummer this skilled do his thing and NOT become totally enthralled.  I'd like to thank ME from MEEEEE for finding this band for ME, that guy is totally cool, and I wish I could be as awesome as he is.  See you guys on Wednesday!  Later!

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