461: Rejection

It's just like the Beatles said: "All you need is love.... But only with the people of your preferred ethnic background and body types."  .... Wait, that is what they said, right?  No?  Maybe someone should tell Wade then...  I know it's already Saturday for most of you guys out there, but where I am, it is still Friday which means I am still on schedule!  This is certainly not an excuse or a blatant disregard for your guys' feelings or trust!  Nope!  No sir!

Here's some kickass viking metal to help get you guys through the weekend!  This is a Finnish metal band called Teräsbetoni.  Although they don't use traditional instruments like most folk metal bands, their songs could give Korpiklaani a run for their money as the most tongue-in-cheek and alcohol-infused viking metal band.  Their songs are all in Finnish, but as we all know, that just makes us want to partake in the drunken warriory revelry even more.  We have Josh from England to thank for this awesome metal gem.  Thanks a bunch, Josh!  You're awesome!  See you guys on Monday! (with another comic that's going to take me forever, buh...)

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