462: Cause Of Death

That's 14 panels right there, folks!  That's right!  Count em: 14!  I thought this story about William Howard, the father of Muse drummer Dominic Howard, was a good one, but I couldn't see any way to shorten it or break it up into separate comics, so you guys get a whole 3.5 comics worth of comic today!  Happy Birthday!  It is your birthday, right?  No?  Huh, I could've sworn there was some kinda birthday coming up.... hmmmmmmm..........

Hey, speaking of famous alternative bands: here's a band from Guatemala called Viernes Verde.  These guys are one of the most influential rock bands in Guatemala, making it big after their debut in 1993 and going strong ever since, and are the founders of an annual music festival called La Garra Chapina, which helps to find new and undiscovered rock bands in Central America.  As an alternative band, they've obviously written songs in a lot of different styles, from pop rock and hard rock, to soft alternative, to this smooth little gem right here.  These guys just released their latest album last month, so now's the perfect time to add an amazing Guatemalan band to your repetoirs.  I'd like to thank by good Street Fighter buddy Ches from Guatemala for introducing me to this band.  You're awesome Ches. <3  See you guys tomorrow! (Wednesday.)

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