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July 13, 2013
Coo Coo
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Big Brother & The Holding Company (1967)

Here's an early single from Big Brother & The Holding Company, when Janis Joplin was their singer.  It's not the best Janis song, but it does have a very rhythmic, continuous beat to it, and it lets her show her voice during the lines.

Janis started her singing career as part of Big Brother, and was with them through their first two albums.  She then left the group to start her own projects, after gaining a huge amount of notoriety for her singing.  She was quickly becoming a leading voice in rock music, but she was the one getting all the attention, while the rest of Big Brother were thrown to the wayside.  They continued without her for several years afterwards, but never reached the same success they had while with her.


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