466: Ramble On

Here's your late-uploaded comic as promised!  Sorry for making you guys wait the extra day!  Luckily for me, I have the next two days free, which means I might actually get to work ahead for once!  What a novel feeling for me!

As for your musical recommendation today, I have something for the super extreme metal lovers today.  If you're not into the super screamy metal genres, then go ahead and skip this one!  But if you're a fan of all things screamy and intense, this might be the new band for you!  It's the Japanese death metal band called Death I Am.  You'll find plenty of amazing guitar work in their songs - sometimes technical, always fast - while the singer uses a wide range of vocal styles, encompassing every kind of high scream and low growl you could do while still being death metal.  The drums are the weakest link in my opinion - incredibly skilled, but not always using the most appropriate beat to match the music.  It's funny, because the person who first told me about the band is actually a friend of the drummer's, but it's ok because that guy doesn't read my comic anyway, so he won't know I said that.  Here's a few songs to check out to get your death metal fixes in, starting with their videos for "Entheogen" and "Subatomic Shower."  And then this third video is something that even the non-metalheads could get a kick out of.  It's the LYRIC video for their song "Pound Of Flesh," and I think it just might win the award for funniest screamed lyrics that sound nothing like the words that are written at all.  You know, funny besides the fact that it's about death and stuff.  I'd like to thank that guy from my friend's birthday party who showed up in a band t-shirt, and who I don't remember the name of, for telling me about this band.  You're not going to see this anyway, and I'm probably never goin to see you again, but you told me about music so you're awesome.  And that's all from me!  See you guys on Friday!

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