467: Do-Over

Here's your Friday comic, folks!  And I have a forever alone night tonight, which means I get to start on Monday's comic right away!  Hooray for everyone else being busy!

Today I have another famous Australian band from the 70s, that once again never reached international shores.  I'm talking about the band called The Angels, (also known abroad as Angel City, or The Angels From Angel City).  Like many classic Australian bands, they were known for their active and hectic live performances, guitar-riff oriented songs, and for never getting famous outside of Oz and New Zealand.  You'll find a little bit of blues, a little bit of pop, and a little bit of punk in their songs, flavoring their otherwise pure-hard-rock cores, which means any fan of 70s rock and roll should find something to love from their music.  Check out some of their most popular songs right here, like the classic ly riffy "Marseilles," and the punky "Take A Long Line."  Finally, here's their song "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?" which has spawned a now-iconic chant from live audiences, who reply to the title lyric with the answer "No way! Get fucked! Fuck off!" during concerts.  A special thanks to Johnny from the bayou for first mentioning this band to me!  You're awesome Johnny!  See you guys on Monday!

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