469: Clarify

After more than half a year of using a digital art tablet, I've finally managed to get my hair color the way that it should be.  It was a long process of trial and error, but finally nailed it.  Now just watch: tomorrow I'm going to think it looks all wrong.

For today's musical excursion, I have a lesser known supergroup for you guys to listen to.  If I told you that the singer from a melodic death metal band like Soilwork, and the bassist from a melodic death metal band like Arch Enemy got together to form a new band, what kind of music do you think they'd play?  That's right: 70's hard rock!  What answer could be more obvious?!  This is the Swedish supergroup known as Night Flight Orchestra, formed by Speed Strid of Soilwork and Sharlee D'Angelo of Arch Enemy, who toss away their usual metal styles for one of bluesy, psychadelic, hard rock.  Actually, it's not just one particular style, but several different clasic styles that they emulate perfectly, simultaneously paying homage to the original genres while also allowing plenty of modern rock advancements to seep through.  That's basically just a super long, faux-intellectual way of saying "SWEET, they're a NEW band that sounds like OLD bands!"  Check out this hard rock classic called "Montreal Midnight Supply," then this outstanding drawn-out masterpiece called "Transatlantic Blues," (which starts out soft and slowly builds until the end), and finally this funky little disco rock song called "West Ruth Ave."  I got their album for myself, and it's pretty sweet, you guys should check them out, and then thank Marc from Spain for this excellent recommendation!  I SAID THANK HIM, DAMMIT!  Thank you Marc!  You're so coooooool!  See you guys on Friday!

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